Developing Functional Relationships

Hi. My name is Matt Avant, and I’m about to start the W2014 batch of Hacker School. I will, hopefully, be updating this blog at least once a week (and maybe every day) to talk about what I’ve been working on and what I’ve been learning during the batch. Hopefully the pressure of publicly disclosing my productivity (or lack thereof) will keep me honest; goodness knows I’m prone to distraction.

I’m not certain of everything I’ll be working on in this batch, but at least the first thing on the list is a joint project with Pablo Torres. We’re going to be attempting to build a generalized game-playing AI in Clojure, the concept being that it can be plugged into an arbitrary game, spend a few games learning the rules, and then steadily improve its own play as it learns. I’ve never worked in Clojure before - thus the title of the blog.

Haskell and OCaml are high up my interest list, but probably will be postponed, because if I don’t dive into Julia and Elm when given direct I/O access to the creators, then I must be crazy. Unfortunately I was unable to think of a clever pun involving Julia, Elm, and Clojure, so the latter gets top billing.

So, to business.

I’m about 25% of the way through this article. I have a long bus ride today, so my goal will be to finish reading it by the end of that bus ride. After finishing that, my next task is to work through some problems on (I’m currently on number twenty-six), but that will most likely wait until tomorrow. I would like to finish at least up to number fifty by the time the batch starts on Monday.

See you on the other side.