About Me

My name is Matthew Avant. I’m currently working at Jane Street. Before that, I worked at Palantir Technologies. Before that, I was at Recurse Center, which is pretty much the greatest place ever; you should totally go. Before that I did some DNA nanotechnology research with Dr. Philip Lukeman. Before that the Earth slowly congealed from cosmic dust.

This website is something of a work in progress.

I have a resume, but my Open-Source Report Card might be more amusing.

You can contact me via email sent to root at this domain. Actually, you can contact me by sending email to any address at this domain! Except for not@mavant.com. That goes to someone else.

The easiest way to get my attention is to use my public key.

I would mildly prefer to be referred to by the Spivak pronouns but I won’t be offended if you forget.