Broken Blogging Platforms and Other Python Debris

In the midst of editing yesterday’s post, I made the mistake of updating Python to 3.4.

Foolish, foolish man.

As a consequence, Pelican no longer works, and I had to push the last of the changes by hand.

As the night wore on and my foolishness increased, I went through a succession of possibilities: Perhaps I’ll fix it. Perhaps I’ll use Middleman instead. Or Jekyll, or Hyde, or html files handcrafted by butterflies. Or something.

You see where this is going.

As of now, I have a functional blogging platform again (Nikola) - I’ll have to blog about the differences at some point, but suffice it to say that I’m not using any git scripting for the publishing workflow, and the only command I have to call is nikola deploy). I just don’t have a functioning domain name. Somehow I got trapped in a neverending cycle of redirects, and the domain fails to load entirely. As a stopgap measure I just disabled forwarding for the domain entirely, with the result that this site is presently accessible only through Edit as of 13:42 EST, March 28th 2014: Okay, forwarding from to the site is fixed. Now let’s see if I can fix the CNAME file without creating another infinite loop.

This was somewhat complicated by the fact that I accidentally rm’d my .bashrc last night (don’t ask), and realized I hadn’t backed it up in far too long. So, to attempt to turn a problem into an opportunity, I’ve switched to zsh. The tab-completion is indeed pretty lovely, but I haven’t gotten far into the other features as yet… And in the midst of the switch, I’ve saved all of my important .*rc files to a directory in Copy - which is more or less identical to dropbox, but with more free space - and symlinked from the original locations to the moved versions. Now even if I accidentally rm something important again, the original file is still there - only the symlink is deleted. And if I make a silly change and foolishly save? Well, Copy is automatically version controlling the files anyway, so I can just revert back. I’d have to do something surprisingly idiotic to break this system, so I give it about a week before something goes terribly wrong.

Ah, the travails of modern existence.

Last night I slapped together something rather silly - a parser that makes Clojure code look like Python (and then turns it back into valid Clojure). But as of now it’s mostly just a mess of regular expressions operating on a string, and I’d like to rewrite it as a proper macro. It’d be fun to be able to just (use 'pythonic) whenever someone complains about Lisp having too many parentheses. I’m not sure whether that goes on the to-do-list before or after finishing LYAH, which means they’ll probably end up being concurrent as usual.

In the meanwhile, I just realized I haven’t eaten in about eighteen hours, so I’m going to go grab breakfast.