For Great Good

Hacker School has just passed the halfway mark, and it seems prudent to make a quick note of what I’ve been doing.

One thing I’m actually quite glad to have done is spend time learning to use the tooling that batchmates and facilitators have reviewed positively. Annoyance at the amount time I spent repositioning windows in Openbox led me to switch to Xmonad (with short stops in i3 and dwm), and, much like the proverbial mouse given a cookie, I found myself on an inevitable path. I’ve been using Vim since about week three, and while I’m sure there’s a very great deal left to learn, I feel as though it has already increased my effectiveness at text-editing in general (but emphasis on ‘editing’ - I’ve yet to find an editor that makes me faster at writing from scratch). The shift to Vim and its attendant keybindings left me annoyed with the arrow-key dependency of various graphical apps (eg Chrome), so I’ve been using uzbl-browser for the majority of my internetting and sup for my email. My circa-2008 Thinkpad x200 has never been more pleasant to work with.

By a similar principle, I’m still surveying the landscape of languages - throwing stuff against a wall to see what sticks. Most recently, I’ve been working in Rust with Robert Lord - yesterday we put together a SHA-256 hasher, and last week we built a speed reader for the terminal. I’d like to continue the language-experimentation trend and learn me some Haskell this week (for great good!)… starting right after I go find some coffee.